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Moving Services

As you get ready to move, whether it is to downsize or trade up, getting things organized is key to a smooth transition.


We begin with a 30 minute consultation in your home (no charge) where we establish goals, and make a plan with priorities to achieve those goals.  A major component of moving is setting a realistic timeline.  All situations include de-cluttering with responsible elimination of unwanted items including donation, recycling, or re-sale where appropriate.  If you already are working with a realtor, I will liaise with both of you.

Pre-moving Preparation

  • Rightsizing and decluttering before you pack.
  • Help with the selection process for the right moving company
  • Assistance with finding professionals to help you prepare your home for sale including realtor, home inspector, handyman for small repairs, and more.
  • Decluttering to get your home ready to sell
  • Basic staging with homeowner’s own furnishings


  • Unpacking and organizing in the new home
  • Closet and cabinet set up
  • Furniture layout