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Commercial Services

Your business may have grown recently, but the space and systems have not kept pace. You find yourself in a cluttered space, stressed by too many demands, and losing valuable time and money due to disorganization. Bring in some help to get your business back on track.


We begin with a 30 minute consultation at the business (no charge) where we establish goals, and make a plan with priorities to achieve those goals. All situations include de-cluttering with responsible elimination of unwanted items including donation, recycling, or re-sale where appropriate. And finally, you will receive coaching throughout the process so that you learn the skills necessary to maintain the changes you have made going forward.

All services are personalized to meet your needs.

  • Time Management Consulting
  • Productivity Consulting
  • Paperwork Reduction
  • Filing Systems
  • Paper Management
  • Taming Email
  • Maximize Storage
  • Space Allocation
  • Small office and cubicle organizing
  • Supply Room organizing