10 Things You Can Do to Stay Organized

10 Things You Can Do to Stay Organized

Have you recently gotten a jump on spring cleaning and cleared out and organzied an area in your home? Did you work on your office and set up systems for your receipts and paperwork after the taxes were filed? Maybe you tackled that storage area that has been bugging you for a while. What about the bathroom pantry where you just cleaned up all […]

Before: Cluttered Kitchen

Before and After: Cluttered Kitchen

This week’s “real organizing” situation is another kitchen makeover.   This gentleman is raising his two children and doing his best to make good decisions regarding their eating habits.  That is really hard in this cluttered kitchen.   Can you believe this is the same kitchen?  We moved baking items with baking items, plates with […]

Is Your Clutter Preventing you From Losing Weight

Is Your Clutter Preventing You From Losing Weight?

As we enter the spring season and think about shedding a few pounds that crept up on us this winter, let’s consider how your clutter may be holding you back from losing that weight. What does clutter and weight have to do with each other? Maybe more than you think. Studies published in Chicago Wellness Magazine and […]

Before costume closet clean-out

Real Organizing Projects: Costume Closet Clean-out

This week’s “real organizing” situation is a Youth Group Skit Closet clean-out.  This closet holds costumes and props the students use throughout the year for their plays and movies.  Teens are not always known for their neatness skills.  As the year progresses this closet becomes a …well…disaster is putting it nicely.   With 3 Middle […]

8 quick organizing projects

8 Quick Organizing Projects

Sometimes those big organizing situations can overwhelm us and we end up doing nothing.  The entire garage seems like too much. Too much time, Too much work, Too many decisions…just too much. If this is your story and you want to change it try taking a different approach. Tackling smaller organizing projects may be less strenuous, […]

before stationary and games cabinet

Before and After: Stationary and Games Cabinet

Are you kind of curious to see some of the organizing projects I have done with clients?  How about this stationary and games cabinet?  Although the desk surface can fold up to partially hide the mess, this cabinet is an eye-sore in the middle of the living room, and the space is terribly underutilized.  No […]

favorite organizing tip

My Favorite Organizing Tip

I am pulling one of my favorite organizing tips from the 3rd post which was written in 2009.  It is still relevant and still my favorite organizing tip. It is likely that your #1 clutter culprit is the same as everyone else’s.  I can’t tell you how many homes and offices I see where getting rid of this clutter […]

Before_ Home Office

Real Organizing Projects: Home Office Makeover

Here is another organizing project I have done with clients. I am hoping to provide a window into other peoples real life organizing challenges.  The photos are real. The idea is to show you some impactful improvements that are truly achievable. These are not staged magazine photos that are beautiful, but not realistic. Before: Here is […]