Set yourself up for success

Set Yourself Up for Success

A new year…and maybe some new plans…or possibly resolutions for the year.  Whatever you want to call it, set yourself up for success.  Whether your goals are losing a few pounds, living a healthier lifestyle, clearing some of the clutter out of your life, starting with clear and achievable goals and making a realistic plan […]

fire ready

Fire Ready!

The bottom line is  When there is a fire GET OUT! Fires are fast, furious, and do not discriminate. There actually are things you can do ahead of time to get yourself and your family prepared for a fire disaster. This is different than earthquake preparedness, or hurricane preparedness. But I have to repeat, When […]

fall cleaning and organizing

Fall Cleaning and Organizing

Fall is the new spring.  What?  You though spring was the only time to clean?  Fall is a great time to clear out, clean up, and organize for the rest of the year.  It’s really all about the change of season and taking advantage of that mindset…as in re-set.  It’s time for Fall cleaning and […]

Before kids desk makeover

Before and After: A Kid’s Desk and Craft Center

This week’s “real organizing” situation is a makeover of a young gal’s desk and craft area.  This space was frequently used, but often neglected when is came time for clean up.  It’s hard to do your homework or create a beautiful masterpiece in this space. And Viola!  A few hours, lots of trash and recycling, a few […]

The Most Common Organizing Mistake

The Most Common Organizing Mistake

Organizing mistakes.  We have all made a few and suffered the consequences.  One mistake seems to bubble up to the top of the list over and over.   If you can identify when you fall into this one, you can make some small changes and get out of its trap. What is the most common […]

before storage closet

Real Organizing Projects: Storage Closet Makeover

This week’s “real organizing” project is a storage closet makeover in a busy mom’s home office.  (please note the photo was taken after we already got started…hence the empty middle shelf.  hey, we are real people too!) This closet was chock full of lots of discombobulated stuff including some bulk purchase overflow, pantry items, craft items, […]

Before Family Room

Real Organizing Projects: Makeover for a Family Room

This week’s “real organizing” situation is a family room makeover.  This room used to be an unfinished basement.  The homeowner had the room “built out” to this wonderful space where the whole family could enjoy the space. Foosball, Legos, games…the possibilities are endless, but the space was not planned out and things were in there […]

back to school organzing tips

Back To School Organizing Tips

 Back to School Organizing Tips That Will Keep You and Your Student Organized Throughout the Year. Whether your a student, parent, or neither here are some great organizing tips to get you set for success in your busy week.  No matter where you spend your time at home, the office, a workplace, or school these tips will help […]