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Before & After Photos

Home Office

We began this project by separating the business, household and kid’s things. The kid’s items were put back in their bedrooms and stacks of papers were put away in organized file drawers. Completed projects were packed up, clearly labeled, and moved out to long-term storage in another room. Outdated papers were removed from the walls. Only current projects remained on the desk.


This closet held a lot more than clothing. We weeded out the pillows, wrapping paper, shopping bags and more. Clothes were reviewed and edited. The closet itself was refitted with a new wood material. A lower bar was added and a shoe rack. The clothes are hung by type and color and on consistent hangers.

Basement Storage

This basement was a jumble of stuff from kids, holiday, camping, extra furniture and more. Everything was pulled out and reviewed. Many items went to donation or trash. Large and long term items were placed in less accessible shelves. Small items are now retrievable on open shelves off to the right. The floor is clear.


Here is a one-car garage that was full of many years worth of dumping. Using the driveway, we pulled out all the contents for review. The items that remained were neatly placed back on existing shelves. A bulky pick up was scheduled for the next day. This took one day with two hard working gals.

Office Supplies

Independent Contractors like to keep a healthy stock of office supplies since they aren’t always sure what will be available to them at the next job site. But there is a point where it is just too much and you can’t find anything. We weeded through the supplies and donated the overload. The result was a more suitable amount of items that could be put away in a manner that leaves them visible and accessible.