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This week’s before and after situation shows a retired University Professor’s paper cluttered office.  This professor published 3 books, is still engaged as a guest lecturer and had papers from a very highly regarded very long career.  There are a lot of memories here.
Her goal is to clear a space where she can put a piano keyboard and return to a talent she has put on hold for many years.

With a few organizing sessions of methodically reviewing papers we were able to reduce the overall amount of papers, set up a filing system that fit neatly into file drawers, and reduce the amount of papers that were on the centers.  The overall count of magazine files on the top shelf and builtin cabinet were reduced by half…now they are not teetering on the edges.

I would like to point out the table top unit which a friend custom-built for the professor many years ago.  Each opening in this lovely crafted, solid-wood piece, holds a specific day’s lecture for a class series for which she was noted.  It is a really well thought out system which has lasted many years and can continue to hold her lecture notes, which she would like to keep.

Her homework is to continue to review a small box of papers on the floor which are labeled, “Read and Toss”.