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Are you tired of your paper clutter?  Are there piles of paper everywhere you turn?  I think you are ready to get rid of those paper piles and you can do it in 2 easy steps.

1.  Start with a Quick Sort.

What’s that? You are going to make some quick, top-level decisions about the papers in your pile.  Take a stack of papers and sort them quickly into 4 categories.

  • Don’t need anymore: Recycle immediately.
  • Action items: This will be a small pile.
  • Retain:  These are the paper you need to keep for records, IRS, information, etc.
  • Read Later

2.  Now do a Second Sort with the 3 piles you kept.

Action items:  
  • Prioritize which are most important and make a do-to list.
  • Recycle any papers you are saving that are meant to jog your memory to do something.  (They are on your to-do list now and you don’t need the paper).
  • Recycle anything you can search or bookmark on the internet.
  • Make a file pile in a basket on top of your filing cabinet for the paper you intend to retain and set a time to file.
Read Later:  
  • Move these to the place you are most likely to read them: basket near the sofa, nightstand, bathroom, gym bag, etc.
Have a look…where did the pile go?  My guess is a vast majority of it went into the recycling bin.  This is a great time to develop some new habits and toss the paper sooner….
Tomorrow hit another pile..and continue everyday this week.  By the weekend you will be clutter-free of all those paper piles.