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Your kitchen likely got a good workout the last few months and I bet it is ready for a good, QUICK declutter and clean out.  It is so much easier and fun to cook in a streamlined kitchen.  Here are 10 things you can declutter and get rid of quickly and painlessly in your kitchen this week.  You will end up with a more organized  kitchen minus the clutter.  You won’t miss a thing.
  1. Outdated food…and even food that is about to expire.  Check dates of all your pantry and refrigerator items.  Freeze fresh foods that are peaking for smoothies later.  Toss, toss, toss.
  2. Chipped anything.  dishes, mugs, glasses, platters.  You wouldn’t use them with company, so why keep them for yourself?
  3. Junk drawer JUNK.  How many twisty ties do you really need?  Get rid of the actual junk so there is room for the good stuff like new batteries, a few twists, birthday candles, etc.
  4. Old Spices.  If they have no smell, they have no flavor.  Toss the old, make a list to replace, and add that to your shopping trip this week.
  5. Plastic food containers that do not have a matching base or lid.  You can do this one with the kids.  Have them match everything up and toss the orphans.
  6. Used candles. enough said.
  7. Take out and delivery freebies.  You don’t need all those napkins, condiment packets, and chop sticks.  You are going to get more in your next order.
  8. Duplicates.  Review your kitchen tools by sorting like with like.  It will become obvious which ones have multiplied.  If they are in good condition put them in your donate bag, otherwise toss.
  9. Bakeware and Cookware that you never use.  Sometimes you get an odd pan in a set, but it doesn’t match your cooking style.  Give it to a friend of donate it.
With these quick and easy clean outs your cabinets, drawers, and likely counters are going to be clutter-free and set up for some great cooking.  Hopefully you were able to complete this without too much effort!

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