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A new year…and maybe some new plans…or possibly resolutions for the year.  Whatever you want to call it, set yourself up for success.  Whether your goals are losing a few pounds, living a healthier lifestyle, clearing some of the clutter out of your life, starting with clear and achievable goals and making a realistic plan is going to help you reach your success.

1.  Set a clear goal that is specific, achievable and measurable.

examples:  “Get organized” and “lose weight” are too wide and vague.
  • “Have an organized closet where my clothes hang straight and I can easily see things” is more specific.
  • Lose weight is vague while lose 3 pounds is more specific.
  • Exercise vs. exercise 3 times per week
  • Eat healthier vs. change my eating style to healthy nutritious foods with more fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.
Choose only ONE goal.

2.  Establish Objectives to make your goal more specific by adding details.


  • “I will have only clothes that I love, wear and need.”
  • “I will invest in some closet fixtures that will improve the space in my closet.”

3.  Set a deadline as part of your goal.

  • Write it down and make it public (even if only to a friend or spouse). This sets up accountability.

4.  Make a Plan with Tasks.

(Tasks are the small steps you will take to move you toward your goal.)

For example: Reduce amount of stuff in the closet.
  • Put a donation bag in the closet so that I can eliminate pieces that don’t fit my filter of love it, wear it or need it.
  • Add to the list shoes, scarves, jewelry, and undergarments.
  • I will diligently review my closet contents for 30 days.
Change my eating style.
  • Eliminate packaged foods that are high in sugar and salt from the house.  (throw them out)
  • Stock the pantry with only items that make sense for this eating style.
  • Put fresh fruits on the counter.
  • Prep cut up vegetables once or twice a week to grab and go.
  • Stop drinking sugar beverages by removing them from my space.
  • Have a water bottle filled and ready at all times.

5.  Make dates on your calendar.

  • These are dedicated times that you will work on your tasks.
Your enthusiasm won’t end in the middle of January because you have created a plan with steps to reach your goal.   Before you know it you will see progress, be encouraged, and join the group of successful resolution makers.
Using this outline, you can replace the specifics of the closet  and eating style examples with whatever your goals are from weight loss, to organizing, to budgeting, etc.
People with the highest success rates in reaching their goals take the time to set their goals, and make plans to achieve them.  Make 2018 your winning year and invest some time into your goals.

Here’s to Your Success in 2018!

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