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The bottom line is

 When there is a fire


Fires are fast, furious, and do not discriminate.
There actually are things you can do ahead of time to get yourself and your family prepared for a fire disaster. This is different than earthquake preparedness, or hurricane preparedness.
But I have to repeat,

When there is a fire


I experienced a fire situation about 20 years ago when my husband called me at work and told me there was a fire nearby. He was packing the car, and he asked me if there was anything I would like him to grab for me. Here’s what happened.  My mind just dropped out of my head and I went completely blank.  That’s what happens when your not prepared for this kind of shock statement.
This week with the fires raging just north of us and the air quality deplorable, I had the following conversation in the ten minute drive home from school with my 14 year old son. I asked him, “If someone was pounding our door and yelling, ‘GET OUT, GET OUT NOW’…what would you grab?”  I told him he could only grab 2 things.  His answer was thoughtful and I actually agreed with the 2 items he choose.
I am not going to share what those are because each person will answer this differently.  The point is there is no right or wrong answer, it is personal.  BUT thinking about this now, before an emergency will help you move quickly without having to consider the choices.
THIS WEEK, Please consider this question and WRITE down your answer.   (Writing it down is more powerful and meaningful).
  • If you had only seconds, what 2 items would you grab?

Now follow this up with an action step.
  • Identify where you store those 2 items.

For example if one of your items is a memento, where is it located?  Would it make sense to move it to a more convenient and assessable location?
Lastly, there is another action step you can take now that could be incredibly helpful in the event that there is a total distraction situation.
  • Take a video of your home.

Just walk around with your smartphone or camcorder and take pictures or video of your home. Capture items, appliances, electronics, art, furniture, hot tub, clothes, all of it.  Put this in the cloud and now you have a good, basic record of the contents of your home.  This will be so valuable for insurance purposes, but maybe also for memories.

To recap:
  1. Plan what you would grab

  2. Consider where you keep those most important items.

  3. Take a photo or video inventory of your home and store that in the cloud.

Be safe.
Be prepared.

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