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Fall is the new spring.  What?  You though spring was the only time to clean?  Fall is a great time to clear out, clean up, and organize for the rest of the year.  It’s really all about the change of season and taking advantage of that mindset…as in re-set.  It’s time for Fall cleaning and organizing.
Here are some things you can do this month that are quick, yet impactful and will set you up before the holiday chaos sets in to be organized for the fall/winter.
Get out some bags specifically for donations or trash.



  • Pull out of your drawers and closet all the clothes you did not wear this summer.
  • Be tough and donate or toss the items you know you are finished with.
  • Don’t forget about swimsuits and coverups.
  • Put the rest of your clean summer clothes away either on a higher shelf, storage bin, or other out of the way spot for next year.

Shoes and Accessories:

  • Clear our any flip-flops that are falling apart.
  • Donate any sandals that are in good condition, but you did not wear this summer.
  • Move tattered beach towels to the garage or cleaning closet for rags.
  • review your sunglasses and donate any you did not wear.
  • Toss single socks that have been hanging around for months.


Toss all of the following
  • Old Sunscreen
  • Old Nail polish
  • Old Loofah
  • Sample travel samples (those freebies are really clutter…unless you use them this week!)
That’s pretty quick and easy and you just made a bunch of space for your fall sweaters and turtlenecks!