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This week’s “real organizing” project is a storage closet makeover in a busy mom’s home office.  (please note the photo was taken after we already got started…hence the empty middle shelf.  hey, we are real people too!)
This closet was chock full of lots of discombobulated stuff including some bulk purchase overflow, pantry items, craft items, electronic cords, family memorabilia, and more.  The hodgepodge made no sense and she really didn’t know what was in this space.

Check out the closet after we worked on it for about 2 hours.  All of the extraneous items were puled out.  Clutter was segregated for trash or donation.  Electronic cords were set aside in a covered bin for the mom and her souse to review later.  Craft items were moved right outside to a huge set of drawers with the rest of the craft supplies.  Pantry items and bulk purchase overflow were sorted and stacked neatly.  The top shelf hold family memorabilia and she can see what she has.  We even made proper space for the printer into this closet with paper storage underneath (because it is bulky and heavy).

I hope this inspire you to clean out a cluttered space!