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 Back to School Organizing Tips

That Will Keep You and Your Student Organized Throughout the Year.

Whether your a student, parent, or neither here are some great organizing tips to get you set for success in your busy week.  No matter where you spend your time at home, the office, a workplace, or school these tips will help you stay on tasks, waste less time, and get more done! 


My favorite line for students and their families is to “become a night-before family”.  In-other-words, set yourself up for a great day before you go to bed.
  • Homework complete and in the backpacks
  • sports or other activities clothes and supplies laid out
  • lunches packed and ready to load in the lunch boxes (store in the refrigerator overnight).

Have a Place for Everything:

Be specific and determine where things go.  When you use the items, don’t leave them out when you are done.  Put them back in their designated place.  This will reduce clutter and the mess.  The BONUS is you will be able to find the items easily later.
  • School contact lists, schedules, handbooks that will answer lots of your questions, calendars, and forms.  (You can bookmark these if they are on-line).
  • Supplies: everything from crayons and colored pencils to protractors and glue sticks.  Use plastic boxes with lids and label them so you and your student can find the supplies they need at the last minute.
A final BONUS TIP for all parents.  This advice was given to me when my sons were just starting elementary school.  (They are now in HS and one is headed off to college this fall).
  • BUY white poster boards in bulk!
Inevitably your child will have a project which is due tomorrow that needs to be on a poster board and they will tell you at 8:30PM.  This will save many tears and high anxiety!