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Happy 10 year anniversary of the iPhone.  It is amazing how this little device has impacted our lives and changed the way we do so many things.  Whether you are an Apple or Android user, we are all effected by our smart phones.
Have you noticed what comes with all our wonderful electronic devices?  Cords, cords, cords!  And chargers, and cables, and so much more.  My home, like most homes I visit have swarms of cords, chargers and cables, and they are a mess.  Are you ready to tackle this decluttering task and get control over the excess?  Here is some advice to dive into this project.
First and foremost you want to focus on the items you don’t need.  Get rid of those first.

Collect all the cables, cords, and chargers not in use throughout the house.  

  • Pick up each item one at a time and make 3 piles:
  1. Those you know what they are.
  2. Those you don’t.
  3. Those who are clearly broken or frayed.  Drop the broken/frayed items into a bag labeled e-waste.
  • Label those that you know what they are.  You can purchase labels for this from Amazon or just use painters tape and a sharpie pen.
  • Review those you don’t know what they are and separate into 2 additional piles:
    • Those that have not been used in years.
      • Box these up and dispose of properly (see below).
    • Those you really have no idea what they are but are unsure if you need them.
      • Check with others in your household.
      • Box these up and put away for 6 months.  If not used in 6 months, dispose of properly (see below).

Here is how to dispose of the items you no longer need.

Cords, cables, and chargers are e-waste and need to be disposed properly.  There are a few paths you can choose to do the right thing with these cast-offs.
  • Check with your local waste disposal company to get their direction for e-waste.  Most companies have this listed on their websites.
  • If you live near a Best Buy, most stores have e-waste drop off kiosks in their stores.
  • Look for local organizations, schools, etc. that may benefit from ethernet cables, extension cables, etc. and donate to them.