packing tips for your vacation

Packing Tips for your Vacation

Summer is the time for vacations.  Whether you are flying somewhere or driving, a bit of planning will take the stress out of packing and leaving.  This week will cover packing tips for your vacation.

Packing Tips for Your Vacation

Planning what to pack (and what to leave home) is the best organizing tool for your summer vacation.Begin the process a week to a few days before the departure date.  Lists should be your best friends.

Pack on paper first:

  • List activities, special events, and anything else that will require specific outfits.
  • Check the forecast.
  • List bottoms first, then coordinating and interchangeable tops.

Lay it out:

  • Be ruthless and put 50% away.
  • Take only what you need and leave the rest.


  • Choose thin items over bulky.
  • Choose items that can be worn more than once with different tops (or bottoms).
  • Wear bulky items when you can.
  • Accessories can go a long way…Scarves take barely any room and can totally change your outfits.

Shoe Challenge:
Can you pack only three shoes?

  • casual, dressy, sporty.


  • Take a vacation for some lotions and potions.
  • Only pack the essentials.
  • Pack light because less is more….
  • Use small containers (if flying pay attention to TSA rules).
  • Check that you have your prescriptions with you (if flying, carry on).
  • use Ziplock bags.

There are a number of great general packing lists available at stationary stores, on-line and apps.  You will pack so much smarter with some pre-planning.
And don’t forget, there are stores all over the world.  If you forget something, you can likely pick it up on the road.

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