10 Things You Can Do to Stay Organized

10 Things You Can Do to Stay Organized

Have you recently gotten a jump on spring cleaning and cleared out and organzied an area in your home?
  • Did you work on your office and set up systems for your receipts and paperwork after the taxes were filed?
  • Maybe you tackled that storage area that has been bugging you for a while.
  • What about the bathroom pantry where you just cleaned up all those lotions and potions?
Wherever it is you should proud of the hard work. Now you need a plan keep it that way so it doesn’t go back to the chaos it was.

Having a maintenance plan is so important to keeping your space and your things organized.  This is a process…it does’t just occur by happenstance.

Here are 10 things you can do to keep your space organized.

  1. Clean as you go:  Take something out, use it, and when you are done put it away.
  2. “A Place for Everything….”.  Yes this is my favorite quote.  If there is a place for everything it is easier to put away…AND to find later when you need it.
  3. Create Routines:  Repeat the same practices daily or weekly so that putting things away becomes routine.  You want to act without having to think about it all that much.
  4.  Make it easy to de-clutter:   Have donation bags or boxes always available so you can drop items in them at any time.
  5. Sort incoming mail daily with a commitment to recycle junk mail immediately.
  6. Make good decisions.  Indecisiveness leads to clutter.
  7. One In-One Out rule.  This goes for everything!
  8. Make the bed everyday and do the dishes before you settle down for the evening.  This sets the tone for an organized home.
  9. File instead of pile.  Piles are just clutter.  Files are organized systems for managing paper.
  10. Set some clean up time daily.  As little as 15 minutes a day can keep you on track for a tidy space.

This is your maintenance program.  Commit to practicing these 10 things and you will keep you organized space!

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