Before: Cluttered Kitchen

Before and After: Cluttered Kitchen

This week’s “real organizing” situation is another kitchen makeover.


This gentleman is raising his two children and doing his best to make good decisions regarding their eating habits.  That is really hard in this cluttered kitchen.


after decluttered kitchen

after decluttered kitchen

Can you believe this is the same kitchen?  We moved baking items with baking items, plates with plates, soups with soups, and more.  Drawers and cabinets were all reset to make sense and to have like items together.  There is even a kids snack area and space for the lunch boxes.

With a little planning and re-organzinzing, supported with labels so everything can go back to its proper place, this family is going to have lots of wonderful, healthy meals in this kitchen.

This room took 2 people about 4 hours.