Reset and clear a flat surface

RESET and Clear a Flat Surface

Welcome to 2017.  Are you ready to get started and make this your best year?  Let’s get a jump start and RESET and clear a surface.
Reset?  What does that mean?  I am thinking that January is a great time for new beginnings.  What a great word: reset, as in start over, as in start fresh.  Let’s break some habits by setting a new stage and making new habits that support that space.

Why clear a surface?

  • Clear areas are known to be more calming, serene, quiet, and still.
  • A clear surface allows you to focus as your mind is less distracted.
  • Clear space doesn’t distract you.
  • Clear space fosters creativity, problem solving, and thinking.

What are you going to do?

  • Pick one small space.
    • top of refrigerator
    • dining table
    • dresser top
    • bathroom counter
    • nightstand
    • coffee table
  • Set a timer for 15 minutes.   Just 15 minutes!

How are you going to do this?

  • Pick up every time on the surface, one at a time, until the entire surface is clear.
  • Move each item back to where they truly belong.
    • trash
    • recycle/shred
    • donate
    • move to another room, drawer, closet, etc.
  • Wipe the surface clean while is it empty.
  • Put back only what truly belongs there.

Follow-up (or better known as Develop New Habits)

  • Think about what you found on your newly cleared surface.
  • Commit to keeping this space clear of all those extraneous items.
  • Where is the right storage place for the items you found there?  Everything in your home must have a place that it belongs.
    • Designate a specific place for your clutter items like keys, unopened mail, kids school work, etc.
  • Clear constantly by making this a routine…this is not a one time thing.
And you are off to a great start of the new year!

Real Organizing Projects 

Are you kind of curious to see some of the organizing projects I have done with clients?  This week we start a new feature to the “Tips” newsletter highlighting some of these real life projects.  We will use as many photos as we can, though I admit to many occasions when we are half way through a project and realize that I forgot to take a before photo.  So sometimes you might need to use your imagination.
This week I am featuring an Executive’s Closet.
before closet
This executive is very busy running a multinational Fortune 500 company.  He has been putting the cleaned shirts and pants into his closet with the plastic bags on them for months.  It has gotten to the point where he cannot see his clothes and dressing or packing is next to impossible.
before pants
He called me in to make a big change.  In about 3 hours the plastic bags were cleared, the shirts were color coordinated, the pants rehung neatly, all he shelves and drawers were sorted and folded.
after closet
It looks like getting dressed and packing are going to be a lot easier.
after pants