Real Habits of organized People #5...

Real Habits of Organized People #5

This wraps up our series on “Real habits of organized people #5”.
Have you noticed that people you know who seem calm and organized also have neat and tidy houses and cars?  Do you wonder how they do it?
These folks share some common habits which we are looking at in a series called Real Habits of Organized People.  This is the 5th tip in that series which looks at skills you can develop to become more organized.

Organized People Don’t Organize and Store Clutter

They get rid of clutter instead!

The dictionary defines clutter as “A collection of things in an untidy mess.”  “Things that are not relevant to your life.”

For many that is the hardest part of the process, but it is also the most essential.  Buying containers isn’t the solution when you are saving stuff that isn’t necessarily relevant to your life right now.

Organizing and Storage Don’ts:

  • Don’t give away your space to store clutter.
  • Don’t keep things in your life that you don’t need or want.
  • Don’t keep things that you don’t wear or don’t fit.

Shift the focus from more stuff to more…

  • Room
  • Passion
  • Experiences
  • Growth
  • Contentment
  • Freedom
Now take a deep breath!

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 What is Hoarding?

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