real habits of organized people #4….

Real Habits of Organized People #4

Have you noticed that people you know who seem organized also have neat and tidy houses and cars? Do you wonder how they do it?  Check out these real habits of organized people.
These folks share some common habits which we are looking at in a series called Real Habits of Organized People.  This is the 4th tip in that series which looks at skills you can develop to become more organized.

Organized People Separate Emotions from Possessions

In other words they don’t put the high value in the item, but instead the focus on the experience, the memory, the person, or the passion.
Instead of focusing on less, less less they are interested on MORE, as in:
  • More room
  • More time
  • More passion
  • More creativity
  • More experiences
  • More contentment
  • More FREEDOM
Don’t let your clutter hold you back.  Keep only the things you love, need, want, wear.  Let go of the items that take your space for no good reason.

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