Real Habits of Organized People #3

Real Habits of Organized People #3

How are some people so naturally organized, while others seem to be out of control all the time?
Here’s another habit that is common to organized people.
Have you ever noticed that organized people seem to be on time and they get a lot done?  They have time for exercise, hobbies, reading, and other personal delights.  They keep a clean and tidy house and don’t seem frazzled all the time.
How do they do it?  What do they do differently?

Organized People Set up Routines

When you do the same thing at the same time every day, or week, or month, the behavior becomes a routine.
  • Routines are really useful and practical, but also time savers.
  • Routines help cut back on decision making.
  • Routines help us get to moving on auto-pilot.
Here are some examples of routines to consider in your everyday life.
  • General Healthy habits such as exercising, yoga, meditation
  • Personal Time for reading, crafting, and other activities.
  • Chores like laundry, house cleaning, and watering the plants.
  • Taking care of pets like feeding and walking them.
Routines take some thought up front.  And once you decide to establish a new routine it takes practice to get them to the point where they happen automatically.  Typically it takes 30 days for a new behavior to become a routine.  It is important to stick with it for 30 days…most people quit well before that and don’t get to benefit from their new routine.
No more procrastinating.  Think about something you would like to incorporate into your life and set up a routine to make it happen.  Then practice, practice and practice more….It will become a routine really quickly.
  • Add an after dinner walk to your day to get some exercise.
  • Establish a time each day or week for something you want to do like reading, crafting or another activity.
  • Set a specific schedule to do laundry or another repetitive chore.


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