real habits of organized people continued….

Real Habits of Organized People Continued….

How are some people so naturally organized, while others seem to be out of control all the time?  Real Habits of Organized People Continued….
This week we will look at another habit that is common to organized people.
Have you ever noticed that organized people are not overwhelmed by clutter?  Their houses or offices are neat and tidy most of the time.  They can find things easily.
How do they do it?  What do they do differently?

Organized People Pick Up as they Go

That means throughout the day, any time of day, they pick things up and put them away.
  • They don’t wait for the piles to grow and grow.
  • As they move through the house they move items with them
  • If they are headed upstairs, there is something in their hands on every trip.
  • They don’t just put things down randomly, but they put things away with purpose.
  • They have a place for everything, and constantly return their things to those places.
  • They tidy up constantly.

What’s the big difference?

Mostly that piles don’t accumulate and grow, and grow, so that they become out of control.

Organized people like to have things tidy and put away, so instead of making it a big chore, they do it constantly so it is always a small chore.
This may be really new to you, but give it a try.  Over the next two weeks pick up constantly and with purpose.  Put things away.  That little extra effort up front can save disorganization later.

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