real habits of organized people

Real Habits of Organized People

How are some people so naturally organized, while others seem to be out of control all the time?
Something I have noticed over the years is that the people you would consider “naturally organized” are this way not by accident, but they have some common habits that they do everyday.  These are the things that help them keep their chaos at bay.  It’s not just one habit, but a combination of several.
For the next few weeks we will look at the real habits of organized people.  You can consider which of these could fit into your routine.  Which ones would truly make an impact on your chaos, clutter, piles, schedule, and more.  Not all of them will be a good fit for you, but some might easily be incorporated into your daily routine and make a big impact on your week.
This week consider this….

Become a Night-Before Person.

People who seem “naturally-organized” tend to be planners.  They are looking at today, and also projecting to tomorrow and the rest of the week/month.  They tend not to wait until the last minute, but think ahead.
Here are some things you could do to become a better planner.

1.  Gather the things that you need tomorrow and leave them ready by the front door.

  • Set out things like gym bags, lunch boxes, work totes, and more….

2.  Think about and then plan errands that need to be run this week by location.  Put any items you might need for the errands together by the front door.

  • Examples would include library books, store returns, dry cleaner drop offs, etc.
3.  Set up Breakfast at night.
    • Load the programable coffee maker and set it.
    • Put out the cereal bowls, coffee mugs, and juice cups.
    • Cut up fruit and leave it in the refrigerator.
Give these a try and practice.  This advice is a good start.  More tips will be out in two weeks!
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