National Emergency Preparation Month: Be Prepared with a good WATER supply


In honor of National Emergency Preparation Month we will be posting tips of small actions you can take for your home and family that will get you moving forward on your preparation.  These tips are intended to be achievable things that you can do daily and weekly.  By the end of the month you will be well on your way to feeling more secure for an unexpected natural or medical disaster.

Water is the single most important thing you will need in the event of a natural disaster.  Dehydration can be debilitating and deadly.  Drinkable water is essential. Potable water can be used for hygiene.

According to the Red Cross you need 1 gallon per person per day for at least 2 weeks in the event of evacuation.

Here are two things you can do this week to your water.


1. Purchase water for drinking to store in your home and your car.

  • You can do this on your weekly visit to the grocery store.
  • Mark each container with the month and year of purchase.  Replace annually.
  • If you have a water supply, check the purchase dates and replace as needed.
  • Whatever style of water container you choose, get it done this week.
  • If you are local to Oakland, CA and looking for emergency water that lasts for many years, try the Ace Hardware on Grand Ave. They have an Earthquake section with these packets.
  • Do a search for on-line sites or retail stores that carry emergency supplies in your area.

2.  Identify other sources of water in your home or office for both hygiene and drinking. These may include the following:

  • hot water heater
  • toilet tanks (there is clean water in the tanks)
  • hot tub
  • pool


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