Organize a Morning Routine

Organize a Morning Routine

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Organize a Morning Routine 
This week let’s focus on reducing morning stress.  Whether you have kids or not, mornings can be rough.  The key is planning and setting up a routine so you don’t have to think as much.  Just go into action so you can get out the door more quickly and with everything you need for the day.
  1. Establish routine sleep and wake up times.  Our bodies love consistency and this is one of the most powerful things you can do for your body clock.  If you are constantly running late move up the alarm 5-10 minutes.  That little extra time can make a big difference.
  2. Lay out breakfast the night before.  Whether it is cereal bowls, cereal boxes and juice glasses, or something more elaborate like eggs and waffles, having ingredients together, plates, cup and utensils at the ready will save time in the morning.
  3. Organize a chores chart for the kids of the things they need to do every morning.  Typical chores could include making the bed, get dressed, put PJ’s in the drawer, eat breakfast, brush teeth, etc.
  4. Become a “Night Before Family”.  This is by far my favorite advice and one I recite often in our house.  The night before you can prepare lunches, put homework in the backpacks, get clothes and shoes ready for the next day, prepare bags for after school activities including art, music, and sports.
  5. Review the calendar and lay out anything else that needs to go out the door tomorrow including errands, library books, etc.
A little planning the night before goes a long way to reduce stress in the morning.  With things laid out and ready to go you can slog through the morning and make it out the door with everything you need!


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