2 Steps to Organize a Lunch and Snack Center

Back to School means packing lunches daily and having healthy snacks on hand for after school nourishment.  Save time, stress, and energy by taking 2 steps to organize a lunch and snack center.  With a convenient set up maybe your kids will help pack!

  1. Buy or replenish lunch box favorites in bulk sizes and repack in to smaller, serving size containers to grab ‘n go.
  2. Establish one shelf of the pantry or a lower cabinet space that is dedicated to lunch box items and snacks.  The more you can put at kid height, or kid friendly access, the more they can start to help themselves.  Of course treats might still go up higher so they don’t get abused!

If space allows, store the lunch boxes in that same area.
Back To School Organizing Tips

It will be fun to watch your kids gain some independence with this friendly snack station.

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