3 Steps to Organize a Homework Zone

Back to School

  3 Steps to
Organize a Homework Zone 
  1. Choose a public area like the kitchen counter or table, or living room coffee table for homework.  That way you can be involved in your child’s homework and keep abreast of what is going on at school.
  2. Shop your house first for basic supplies the kids will use like pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, paper clips, etc. that the children use daily or weekly.
  3. Turn off electronics including the radio, TV, game console and computer (if not needed for schoolwork).
With everything at the ready, the kids might spend more quality time on the homework.


And one last word of advice….

Don’t over shop for school supplies!

Temptation is everywhere.  Back to School deals on basic supplies like pens, crayons, paper and erasers can be really tempting.  Some items are as low as .01 cent.  If you already have a lot of these items, then purchasing more is creating clutter.  It is not a deal any longer.  These are called “Door Busters” to get you in the door in hopes that you will buy more things at full price.

No Kids in your house:  The same principles apply to your work and home life. Your home office or area where you work should be set up with the supplies you need to perform your job.  The extraneous stuff should be moved away from this area.

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