Back to School : 6 Steps to Organize and Declutter the Kids Closet

Back to School:  6 Steps to Organize and Declutter the Kids Closet

With an hour investment per child (some kids take even less time) this tip is will pay you back for many months with less stress, searching, and arguments.   Take the time this week to clean out, organize and declutter the kids closet. Do it with your child so they have input.  If they are never going to wear that Mario Brothers tee shirt, you may as well call it clutter and put it in the donation bag! 
  1. Have a DONATION Bag and a trash bag ready.
  2. Pull out of the closet and drawers every piece of clothing.
  3. Review all the clothes for fit.  Anything that is too small and in good condition (and there is no younger sibling) goes into the donation bag.  Stained, soiled, torn clothes go into the trash bag.
  4. Inventory what you are keeping.  Younger sibling keepers can go in a box or bin labeled by size.
  5. Make a list of new things needed including tops, bottoms, outerwear, underwear, socks, shoes, and any athletic wear.
  6. Shop with your list.  This will prevent you from over-buying and keep you on a good budget.  Also you are recently familiar with closet and drawer space which will also keep you from impulse, over-purchasing.



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