Here are a few tips to make life a little easier this school year.

(originally published 8/09)
1.  Have a drop zone.  One place where the backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes, and coats “drop”.  Low hooks, a bench, baskets for each person in the household near the door will help corral all that stuff that comes home.

2.  Set up the Launch Pad.  This will most likely be the same place as your Drop Zone.  Leave things you need to take with you in the morning including school items, but also errands, returns, and more.

3.  Become a night before household.  Anything you can do the night before and set out in the launch pad before bed is going to save time in the busy morning.  Load homework and library books in the backpacks, have duffles with sports items ready.  If you are so inclined pack lunch the night before.

4.  Set up a Homework area complete with all the supplies your child needs.  Maybe this is the kitchen counter or table.  Have a pencil box packed with everything they need in that area.  Save time and reduce frustration by having everything they need in one container and ready to go.  When the homework is complete, close up the container and put it away and bring the homework to the backpack for tomorrow.

5.  Get up 10 minutes earlier.  Are you mornings crazy?  Tempers flying?  Always running late?  Set your alarm ten minutes earlier and chances are you will get out the door on time.  Try for one week.  If that doesn’t work, delete another 5 minutes.