Adjust Bed and Wake-up Times now

This should include you too.  I bet most of us are sleeping a little later during the summer.  Get ready for school in a few weeks by starting now.  It is too hard to adjust in one night.

Set bedtime and wake up time at the same time every day.  We all work better when our body clocks have consistency.  Choose a time for bed and work backwards to make it happen. If bedtime is 8:00, begin the wind down time at 7:30 with the goal to have the children in bed by 8:00.  Wake up time should give everyone ample time to eat, clean up, get dressed and straighten their room before it is time to run out the door.

Are you having trouble getting out the door on time?
Set the alarm 10 minutes earlier.  Super busy mornings are not the best way to begin the day. Tempers flair, shouting ensues…There has got to be a better way.  Beat the morning craziness by setting the alarm 5 or 10 minutes earlier. This simple adjustment could make a big difference.

No Kids in your house:  The same principles apply to your work and home life.  Summer is generally more relaxed and the fall is time to kick it into gear again.