Emergency Preparedness for Everyone

This week I ask you to take a few basic actions to help make your home and loved ones safe in the event that you experience a natural disaster.

WATER:  Please do these two things this week

  • Identify sources of water in your home or office for both hygiene and drinking. These may include the following:
    hot water heater
    toilet tanks
    hot tub
  • Purchase water for drinking to store in your home and your car.  Do this on your weekly grocery shopping trip.
    Whatever style of water container you choose, get it done this week. You can do this on your weekly visit to the supermarket.
    If you are looking for emergency water that lasts for many years, try the Ace Hardware on Grand Ave. They have an Earthquake section with these packets.

FOOD:  Use what you have first.
1. Think of food in your home in this order:
* Fresh First
* Refrigerator second
* Freezer third
* non-perishables last.

2. Recognize that your pantry is a great source for non-perishable food. As long as you have access to your house you have a lot to work with.

3. Consider keeping some non-perishable foods in your car like granola bars and such.

Most services you are used to will be closed after an earthquake.  Plan ahead and you will be ready.

Car Gas Tank:  Don’t go below 1/2 tank

Cash:  Keep Small bills on hand

Prescriptions:  Keep extra necessary prescriptions on hand (rotate your supply to keep it fresh).