Emergency Preparedness: Organize your Food and Medicines

Emergency Preparedness:  Organize your Food and Medicines.

Keep in mind as your set up your home, car and office, that in the event of an emergency other services will likely close down including pharmacies and food markets.
1. Think of food in your home in this order:
* Fresh First
* Refrigerator second
* Freezer third
* non-perishables last.

2. Recognize that your pantry is a great source for non-perishable food already. As long as you have access to your house you have a lot to work with.

3. Consider keeping some non-perishable foods in your car like granola bars and such.

4. Have back-up prescriptions on hand.
The drug stores will be out of business. If you have medications that are essential, start a new habit of keeping a two month supply in your home. Use one month and replace it. That way your medications will always be fresh.